Daolu's Natural Products | BAOBAB OIL 100% PURE UNREFINED NATURAL COLD PRESSED (Wholesale)
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Daolus Products ‘s Cold Pressed Baobab oil is 100% pure natural. The large fragrant flowers of the baobab tree turn into fruit seeds and these seeds are protected by a hard shell covered in soft hairs. A network of rural women gather the seeds before cold pressing them into a rich oil. Baobab oil can be used as a tissue oil and applied directly to the skin surface in its pure form. The oil can also be used as a carrier oil and blended with essential oils. Whether your skin is showing signs of aging, has been damaged by the sun or the use of harsh skin products, baobab oil can help, thanks to its many nourishing ingredients that have to ability to heal the skin from deep within.
Baobab oil is rich in many different vitamins, it does an incredible job at combating the early signs of aging, and due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce redness and inflammation. As it’s easily absorbed into the skin, without clogging pores or leaving a greasy residue, it’s great for all skin types and will leave your skin nice and smooth.

When Used in cosmetics its emollient, moisturizing, smoothing, soothing, healing, nourishing and great for use as an anti-aging ingredient. Can be use for skin and hair care.

Perfect oil for a full body massage Reduces blemishes and scars Softens wrinkles Suitable for all skin types proven beneficial in assisting the renewal and rejuvenation of skin cells – reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks helps to improve skin elasticity, reducing fine lines superb moisturising benefits – relieves, and improves appearance of, dry skin alleviates the symtoms of eczemaboosts the health and vitality of your hair and scalpmarvellous addition to ‘make your own’ creams, lotions, and body butters

Is mostly use in premium skin moisturizers, lip balms & anti-wrinkle products. Rich, premium emollient for skin and hair care use due to its content of vitamins and omega fatty acids. Helps soothing dry and itchy skin. Lotions & creams, face oils, massage oils, products for dry skin & hair conditioners.

Purchase Daolus Products Unrefined Baobab Oil today to enjoy the maximum amazing benefits on your hair and skin while helping improve lives in Nigeria, West Africa.

100% Natural for All Skin Types.
Raw// Premium// No Addictive// Unrefined/ /Paraven Free//Petroleum Free // Chemical Free

▪Bulk Quantities and ton pricing also available

▪Email: info@daolusproducts.com for a quote

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