Mission Statement


“Our Business revolves around the passion”

“The business of business should not just be about money, it should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed.”

At Daolu Products and Services, Inc, we strive to uplift and inspire our community through education, self-love, and authenticity. We hope to achieve these objectives through our 100% pure, natural, and EFFECTIVE Shea Butter and Africa Black Soap. Every single Daolu Products and Services, Inc products tells a story, a story of our origin, our beauty, and our values.

Daolu Products and Services, Inc is a social enterprise on a mission to invest in a more equitable future. Together, we’re cultivating beauty, equality, and empowerment in West Africa and around the globe.

We are internationally recognized as a major importer in the global market and have landed our reputation with one goal in mind…

” Search the world for the best quality, inexpensive and unique products available, import in high volume to pass on the wholesale savings to our valuable customers maximizing every business owner’s income potential in Nigeria, South Africa, United States, and worldwide at large…”

It’s our continued goal to provide premium, affordable supplies to cosmetic manufacturers, retailers, skincare clinics, private entrepreneurs, massage-tanning parlors, soap makers, small business owners and the consumer alike to meet the growing demands of top-selling African imported handmade goods.

Our company’s mission is to provide 100% pure and unrefined, all-natural, and earth-friendly products that treat anti-aging, acne, eczema, healing scars, sun conditions, and many other rare skin disorders.

We encourage direct sales from distributors and stores interested in beautiful skin and some amazing income potential.

We care about our customers and only pass along wisdom we would follow ourselves. Whether ‎you are looking for a natural cure to calm a cough or for indulgent blends for your bath, Body cream, and hair food, we are here for you.

Our commitment to you and your health is what sets us apart from others that peddle products without taking the time to educate and engage their customers. We believe that knowledge is power and we are not stingy with ours. We invite you to engage in our world of Daolu Products and Services, Inc.
We also pride ourselves on the fact of having the best connections in the business located in Nigeria and Ghana, West Africa. The women who personally handcraft our Shea Butter, African Black Soap, Moringa Oil, Neem Oil, Baobab Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil and Camwood Powder, etc into some of the greatest healing, medicinal phenomena known to mankind are doing this in the grand tradition of their ancestors, who have been creating these modern marvels for centuries long before the Western World knew of their accomplishments.

We feel if a system is good, why change it? Our imported products are made with the human touch and care that has made them great since biblical times.

With our system of importing from West Africa, we directly contract the manufacture of our handmade products privately to individual artisans and women’s groups. In this case, we at least know that our funds go to the betterment of the people who work tedious hours at a strenuous pace to produce all this bulk material.

Our prices are simply the most affordable online because Daolu Products and Services, Inc will not deal with executive slave labor unions or agricultural product brokers in Nigeria and Ghana.


Our Values

At Daolu Products and Services, Inc, integrity is at the heart of our core values. We work hard everyday to provide you with the best quality products. This is our way to elevate and appraise your beauty.

Our Impact

Empowering women in Africa is at the essence of our company. We work with women cooperatives in Nigeria and Ghana, thus when you purchase from us, you are providing empowerment and employment to the exceptional women in the villages of Nigeria whom are experts on this matter. They are able to provide an education to their children and improve their lifestyles with the increase in income YOU help them achieve.

Our Vision

● To refresh the world with natural products
● To Provide the best quality Natural Raw Ingredients.
● To Provide Paraben Free, Sulphate Free & SLS Free products.
● To inspire moments of optimism and happiness.
● To create value and make a difference.
● To Nourish your Skin hair & your whole body.
● Your Beauty is Our Business.